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Just like you - we believe in software.
Just like you - we trust in people.

And we are sure that only humans can find best people to work with people.


Finding candidates using our own databases and through wide network of trusted partners and freelancers.

Technical consulting

Proper pre-screening and matching of technical skills of candidates to job description allows not only to find individual, but the whole team.


We find best specialists for relocation to Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.
We did it before, we can do it again.

If you care about cost of hiring like we do.
If you need best people right now - contact us - we do have list of active candidates

If you care about speed of hiring like we do, and you need best people right now - we have list of active candidates​


Why us?

Who we are

Since 2003 we constantly focusing on the time and cost hiring. One of the key success factors is ability to understand and speak both languages: customer and developers. As Bootstrap Team we, above all else, are committed to delivering best high quality service, that has satisfied many of the multinational companies.


We can help with job description that will match the market. We know how to present job to the candidates you want. We spoke both languages, we listen and we hear.

Technical expertise in different areas We do talk to candidates using their language.
We do know the difference between React and Angular, we do know what is high-performance and AWS.

And we know what kind of people you are looking for.
Deep technical expertise of the networked experts can be available on demand: for technical interviews (by required areas), team fitting for candidates, second opinion for solution reviews or any specific need.


We know how it is hard to find good developer, especially if you want them to be in your office, far away from his home. Remote sometimes just does not work. And we know how to find top-class developers and how to find a way to relocate

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