Quality, transparency, and immediate results – these have been primary goals and qualities of Bootstrap Team for over 15 years of providing expert recruitment services globally –  spawning over 1,500 placements in top IT companies of Ukraine, Russia, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia. We started helping out international IT players to cope with staff shortage and allocation issues back in 2003 when Bootstrap Team had been established by a bunch of passionate outsourcing and product consultation experts looking to deliver flexible recruitment options with relocation services and further support. The Team is here to deliver readily available mass hiring and niche recruiting services. With a huge candidates’ database in hand, we give you only the candidates directly interested in your project, ultimately boosting the performance on both ends of the deal. With Bootstrap Team at your disposal, you get:
  • Powerful local & international recruitment services, with global relocation options
  • HR & technical consulting provided by experts with over 20 years of experience
  • Extensive database with over 100,000 potential candidates & expanding
  • Extensive database with over 100,000 potential candidates & expanding
  • Individual pricing approach