Application Security Engineer (EOS Cloud) [AS103242]

Group42 (EOS Cloud)

About the Company

EOS Cloud has built world class AI focused cloud platforms based in Abu Dhabi. EOS manages their cloud platform end to end, building intelligent data center facilities that are the best in the region in capabilities and density, as well as utilizing a best in breed cloud platform. EOS Cloud has also deployed thousands of AI enabling GPUs, one of the largest deployments in the world, allowing their engineers to develop and deploy machine learning solutions directly to their customers. EOS Cloud has the exclusive mandate to design, build, manage, and on sell capacity of all cloud services provided to the UAE government.

About the Role

The Infrastructure Security Engineer will be responsible for enforcing and monitoring the Information Security, Privacy, Business Continuity and program at the cloud application. This position design, implements and controls the day-to-day IT security activities for datacenter, enforce Secure Software Development Lifecycle.

  • Maintaining security of cloud application infrastructure
  • Maintaining virtualization, containers and related components security
  • Solve existing security issues, such as viruses or software malfunction
  • Testing systems for vulnerabilities on system and application level
  • Reporting security analysis findings
  • Supervising the instillation of new software, data in and out process
  • Analyzing and implementing new security protocols and technologies
  • Modifying regulatory systems within IT security
  • Maintaining the integrity of application systems
  • Investigating security breach alerts
  • Provides reports on a regular basis, and as directed or requested, to keep senior management informed of the operation and progress of security efforts.

Essential Skills

  • Deep understanding of virtualization and cloud technologies such as KVM, Docker, OpenStack
  • Deep understanding of application security configuration, monitoring and incident response
  • Vulnerability and technical compliance enforcement for OS and applications based on industrial best practice (NIST, CIS)
  • Knowledge of Secure Software Development best practices such as OpenSAMM, BSIMM.
  • Experience in Private/Hybrid and Public cloud from Vendor/System Integrator or Service Provider side
    Experience in IT and security management and control
    Ability to prioritise and organise work load as and when necessary

Desirable Skills 

  • Previous experience with datacenter and cloud application design and implementation
  • An understanding of Cloud management platforms
  • Experience in High performance computing
  • Application Security Testing/Pentest experience
    Desire to learn and train in new areas needed in the success of role fulfilment
  • Experience with supply chain control, sensitive information processing, compliance
  • Vendors certifications


Will candidates have visa support from the employer?
What documents required to get work permit visa?
Passport and A visa, which the company would arrange.
Highest diploma would be attested. This would be paid for by the company.
Relocation package?
The candidate would be flown in, get 21 days in a hotel. They would then have to arrange for accommodation. The candidate would get an annual ticket home. Relocation allowance is 10,000 AED. Housing allowance is included in the monthly salary.
Employment type
Unlimited contract, unless specifically stated otherwise (happens very exceptionally). The vast majority is unlimited.
Medical insurance
The company pays for the health insurance.
There is no income tax in the UAE. However, some countries may require their citizens to continue to pay taxes when working abroad (usually at a reduced rate). This as such depends on the laws and regulations of the country of origin. VAT in the UAE is 5%.
Paid vacation
Depending on the grade, 30 to 42 paid holidays

Below is some information to take into consideration with regards to moving to the UAE.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are home to countless of reputable universities including Sorbonne, NYU which both have campuses in Abu Dhabi. Other universities can find by the link below.

The UAE ranked the safest country in the world this year

The majority of the UAE population consists of expats. This melting pot is home to a high variety in nationalities and religions that live in harmony and respect with one another. As such, it is custom in the country to value and celebrate these diversities. It is what built the UAE.

The UAE is the hub of technological innovation in the region. Technology is embedded in the rulers’ vision for the country. The UAE is the first country in the world to appoint a Minister of Artificial Intelligence. Technology is also central to EXPO 2020.

Quality of Life
Due to high safety standards, low taxation and costs of living, high healthcare index and low property prices in relation to income, the standard of living in the UAE is high.

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