Lead Engineering  (G42 – Cogna) [LE103137]

Group42 (Cogna)

About G42

Group 42 is on a mission to build the largest cloud in the UAE and to offer artificial intelligence capabilities. Group 42 is the holding company that houses several companies focused on different domains including healthcare, finance, oil and gas etc.


Cogna is a medical artificial intelligence, big data and cloud solution provider that has established itself as a trusted partner to the Government of the UAE, as well as with multiple commercial engagements and strategic partnerships across the region with large hospital providers. They strive to meet their key strategic objectives using artificial intelligence in medical imaging, research and development and clinical care management.  The two pillars of Cogna include medical imaging and clinical decision support.

What Cogna has to offer

  • Access to a faculty of 100+ leading scientists, academics, researchers and visionaries from the world’s top universities, firms and research labs
  • State of the art NVIDIA GPU computing farm comprising of hundreds of DGX machines
  • Delivering AI solutions for healthcare for imaging, voice transcription, computer vision, virtual health assistant
  • Existing infrastructural capability supporting bandwidths of 260 Petabytes
  • Strong data management, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence research and development function
  • Strategic partner with the global infrastructure providers
  • Trusted partner to regional governments in enabling AI capabilities across key domains
  • High performance AI innovation lab in Abu Dhabi
  • Joint lab programs with the University of Edinburgh, University of Amsterdam, Tsing Hua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, China and Chinese University of Hong Kong


Enhancing and improving the quality of human life, enabling business success within the healthcare industry by resolving complex challenges through artificial intelligence.

Responsibilities Lead Engineer

  • Lead overall Technology roadmap and vision for the Cogna, select technologies that balance the functionality, costs and risks of current and future products, services and solutions
  • Develop strategic plans for the direction and control of product development and engineering activities
  • Develop the roadmap of tools, technology and processes used across all product development and engineering teams
  • Work closely with our research institute and product management departments to distill product ideas into shippable products and functional systems
  • Ensure that product development is focused on meeting and exceeding customer requirements
  • Ensure that security is at the heart of product design and development
  • Prepare and review budgets and business plans and ensure maximum value is provided to the company
  • Lead and set performance targets with deliverables for Engineering teams and Product Owners
  • Hire and direct staff of senior group members to acquire necessary resources to meet scheduled commitments
  • Motivate staff and provide technical direction and guidance, as well as hands-on project/program management and problem solving
  • Implement best practices, optimize engineering processes, and establish success metrics to drive to a best-in-class engineering organization
  • Build an environment for coaching and mentoring and ensure development and growth opportunities for engineering teams

 To bring your dream to life, you’ll need

  • 15+ years of experience building and managing + engineering teams delivering advanced products and digital platforms in a highly competitive marketplace, healthcare domain would be a plus
  • Experience managing diverse, globally distributed teams and extensive partner and vendor relationships
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Previous experience in leading a team of 15-25 people
  • Leadership and organizational abilities
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in relevant technology fields

The Lead Engineering will lead the engineering team of DevOps and Solution Architect, Full-Stack Engineers, etc and as such is required to have previous experience and competencies in the technologies associated with these roles:

  • Experience in working in an agile environment
  • Waterfall
  • Software development
  • Experience in modern front-end web framework such as Angular, React, Ember
  • Languages: HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL
  • Other technologies: Python, Flash, Docker, Kubernetes, Java, C/C++, HPC
  • Knowledge of enterprise storage (IBM Spectrum, Swift-on-file, Ceph)


Will candidates have visa support from the employer?
What documents required to get work permit visa?
Passport and A visa, which the company would arrange.
Highest diploma would be attested. This would be paid for by the company.
Relocation package?
The candidate would be flown in, get 21 days in a hotel. They would then have to arrange for accommodation. The candidate would get an annual ticket home. Relocation allowance is 10,000 AED. Housing allowance is included in the monthly salary.
Employment type
Unlimited contract, unless specifically stated otherwise (happens very exceptionally). The vast majority is unlimited.
Medical insurance
The company pays for the health insurance.
There is no income tax in the UAE. However, some countries may require their citizens to continue to pay taxes when working abroad (usually at a reduced rate). This as such depends on the laws and regulations of the country of origin. VAT in the UAE is 5%.
Paid vacation
Depending on the grade, 30 to 42 paid holidays

Below is some information to take into consideration with regards to moving to the UAE.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are home to countless of reputable universities including Sorbonne, NYU which both have campuses in Abu Dhabi. Other universities can find by the link below.


The UAE ranked the safest country in the world this year


The majority of the UAE population consists of expats. This melting pot is home to a high variety in nationalities and religions that live in harmony and respect with one another. As such, it is custom in the country to value and celebrate these diversities. It is what built the UAE.



The UAE is the hub of technological innovation in the region. Technology is embedded in the rulers’ vision for the country. The UAE is the first country in the world to appoint a Minister of Artificial Intelligence. Technology is also central to EXPO 2020.



Quality of Life
Due to high safety standards, low taxation and costs of living, high healthcare index and low property prices in relation to income, the standard of living in the UAE is high.



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