Specialist – Learning & Talent Management [LT103001]

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Job Information

Support Director, OD & TM & L&D Manager with learning & development and talent management programs and activities.   Contribute to the design, support, research, identification, and application of best practices to build employee engagement and reinforce the DarkMatter Way of Working.

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

Performance Management
  • Manage the performance management function across organisation, including system administration and support for performance management platform, monthly and weekly reporting on goals setting and performance evaluations, and troubleshooting support for the users of the platform.
  • Train, advise and coach employees and people managers on effective performance management. Assist Line Managers with objective setting and manager review.
  • Assist with the design and implementation of competency framework in support of company talent strategy.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of projects such as Succession Planning, Hi-Potentials etc
  • Participate in onboarding program, facilitate new joiner sessions and serve as a resource for new hires for queries related to performance management system.
  • Work with managers and staff to provide valuable career development opportunities.
Employee Engagement
  • Facilitate internal engagement events and programs.
  • Facilitate quarterly recognition organisational employee huddles.
  • Assist with yearly employee engagement survey design, administration, results roll out.
  • Maintain Reward and Recognition program and online platform.
  • Participate in onboarding program, facilitate new joiner sessions and serve as a resource for new hires for queries related to Reward & Recognition platform.
  • Learning & Development
Learning and Development
  • Support the internal L&D process. Create relevant documentation and maintain ISO 9001 Certification requirements.
  • Organise internal workshops, knowledge network sessions and external trainings in alignment with business requirements.
  • Manage the internal training calendar, training tracker.
  • Provide weekly and monthly reports on external training, internal workshops and other L&D activities.
  • Facilitate administration and troubleshooting of eLearning Platforms (LinkedIn Learn/SafariBooks)
  • Participate in onboarding program, facilitate new joiner sessions and serve as a resource for new hires for queries related to training application process.

Job Specification / Competency Required


Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Management, or a related field

Minimum Work Experience & Essential Knowledge

3+ years of relevant HR or Talent Management experience

Skills (Technical & Non Technical)
  • Proven track record of being energetic, forward thinking and creative.
  • The ability to handle tasks independently, as well as with a team, and to effectively communicate with a range of stakeholders, from senior managers and executives to team members;
  • Skilled communicator through written reporting and verbal presentation
Resource Management

Number of direct reports:  None

Nature of Interaction

Individual Contributor Role

Problem Solving
  • Applies knowledge of policies, procedures, operations within the HR/Talent Management field and determines course of action based on these guidelines. Uses previous experience to identify the most appropriate option or to adapt or improve existing approaches.
  • Majority of the time, responsible for planning own work and adjusting efforts to meet goals; the more demanding projects will require working under direct instruction/close supervision.
  • Problems are varied but similar. Requires some fact finding and analytical skills to assist in clarifying problems.


Will candidates have visa support from the employer?
What documents required to get work permit visa?
Passport and A visa, which the company would arrange.
Highest diploma would be attested. This would be paid for by the company.
Relocation package?
The candidate would be flown in, get 21 days in a hotel. They would then have to arrange for accommodation. The candidate would get an annual ticket home. Relocation allowance is 10,000 AED. Housing allowance is included in the monthly salary.
Employment type
Unlimited contract, unless specifically stated otherwise (happens very exceptionally). The vast majority is unlimited.
Medical insurance
The company pays for the health insurance.
There is no income tax in the UAE. However, some countries may require their citizens to continue to pay taxes when working abroad (usually at a reduced rate). This as such depends on the laws and regulations of the country of origin. VAT in the UAE is 5%.
Paid vacation
Depending on the grade, 30 to 42 paid holidays

Below is some information to take into consideration with regards to moving to the UAE.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are home to countless of reputable universities including Sorbonne, NYU which both have campuses in Abu Dhabi. Other universities can find by the link below.


The UAE ranked the safest country in the world this year


The majority of the UAE population consists of expats. This melting pot is home to a high variety in nationalities and religions that live in harmony and respect with one another. As such, it is custom in the country to value and celebrate these diversities. It is what built the UAE.



The UAE is the hub of technological innovation in the region. Technology is embedded in the rulers’ vision for the country. The UAE is the first country in the world to appoint a Minister of Artificial Intelligence. Technology is also central to EXPO 2020.



Quality of Life
Due to high safety standards, low taxation and costs of living, high healthcare index and low property prices in relation to income, the standard of living in the UAE is high.



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